The Broken Sweethearts

Boogie Man BAR May 2017


The Broken Sweethearts are releasing a new single "Still Don't Know". The official launch will be in June, however here is a preview of the new single and an opportunity to get a pre-release digital copy of Still Don't Know! We hope you love it as much as we have loved creating it! Cheers, TBS

Drummer SammyA talks about the recording process; "With Still Don't Know we cross-examined and redefined all the ingredients that make up The Broken Sweethearts sound. Everything from microphone to drum head selection. We approached this song differently, building it up layer by layer, it almost got out of hand! We got to like 38 tracks of audio in the mix it's huge!"

Guitarist Steve RG tells about the meaning of Still Don't Know; "This really is a song about standing at the crossroads of endings and new beginnings, when life is about to change course and you don't know where it's heading"

Mark Gardner adds; "We are really proud of how this came out, we hope you love it!"

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Picture In My Pocket EP

The Broken Sweethearts EP "Picture In My Pocket" available now via CDBaby and Itunes

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